2022 NASW Nevada / North Dakota Conference

October 13 - 14, 2022


2022 Social Work Virtual Mental Health Conference

Reconnecting Through Social Work 

Oct. 13th and 14th, 2022 

Hosted by NASW-Nevada and NASW-North Dakota 

9 CEUs

This year's annual conference is only months away! We are excited to see so many of you attending and networking with Nevada social workers and even social workers from around the USA as you earn up to 9 CEUs.

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October 13th 2022

10:00-11:00AM PST

  • Moral Distress in Social Work: Recognizing, Addressing and Reframing toward Resilience: Moral distress occurs when you know the ethical course of action, but internal and/or external constraints keep you from carrying it out. It makes your guts churn and can make it hard to continue to come to work each day. Participants will learn to identify moral distress in themselves and colleagues, and develop processes to address and cope with the situations and constraints that contribute to moral distress. A framework for addressing and working through moral distress, personally and in a team environment will be discussed. Presenter: Kristen Fischer. 1 CEU
  • TBA

11:15PM-12:15PM PST

  • COVID Conquerors: Trauma, Non-Suicidal Self Injury, and Suicide Identification & Intervention: We are coming out of one epidemic into another that has life and death implications if not handled correctly. The problem is that it is taboo and the people who need help may not ask for it until it's gone too far. However, many professionals may unintentionally say the wrong thing or make dangerous assumptions that could increase the safety risk. The epidemics of NSSI and Suicide have surged since 2020 and the two are often confused. It's time to dispel myths, learn how to assess, and build a bridge of understanding. It's time to turn the tide on NSSI. Presenter: Lori Vann. 1 CEU
  • Micro level steps that promote Mezzo and Macro Level Clinical Practice attuned to DEI:Gain practical tools that we can all take to more fully attend to the infusion of attention to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our work. Increase sustainable Mezzo and Macro level organizational change. Presenter: Latoyia Griffin. 1 CEU

12:15 -12:45PM PST - Networking Break. - Take a few minutes to break away from the screen or join your colleagues in the virtual networking lounge. This time is yours. 

12:45 -1:45PM PST

  • The Censuring of Social Work: Are We At Risk? Is social work education at risk of censorship? How could censorship impact social workers and the people who receive services from them? This presentation is for anyone who is concerned about, wants to learn more about, and/or talk about the educational gag orders that are sweeping the country and designed to limit student discussion of and learning about race, racism, LGBTQ+ identities, social oppression, and the contributions of racial and ethnic groups to U.S. history. Presenters: Amy Phillips and Alice Kefel. 1 CEU
  • The Stories of Gay Men Supervisees Social work advertises itself as the social justice profession; however, through the experiences of gay men supervisees, we discover that many social work supervisors are not queer-affirmative. Nonaffirmative events harm gay men supervisees and cast a shadow over social work's orientation as a socially just profession. In this presentation, you will engage with me on queer theory in social work and discuss the findings of my dissertation study. It is my hope that you walk away with increased knowledge, values, and skills towards providing queer-affirmative spaces for social work supervisees and their clientele. Presenter: Jakob Mauer. 1 CEU

2:00PM-3:00PM PST

  • Historical Trauma and Healing This presentation will provide an overview of the neuroscience of trauma and historical trauma. . Attendees will gain an understanding of how to implement culturally based strategies that promote trauma healing. Presenter: Tami DeCoteau. 1 CEU
  • TBA

6:00PM-7:30PM PST In-Person Networking Event:  It has been a long time since we got everyone together, come join us for an evening to IMG_5666(1)network with your colleagues as we close out the first day of the 2022 conference. There will be networking events in the Reno and Las Vegas areas. This event will be open to non-attendees of the conference as well - a great opportunity to invite your social work colleagues to attend. 

October 14th, 2022

10:00AM-1:00PM PST

  • The Ethics of Documentation gary_baileyJoin us on an interactive Documentation and Record Keeping Workshop that will provide you with the necessary tools to mitigate the risk in your practice. Quoting some words of wisdom from Allan Barsky (Ethics Alive! To Record or Not to Record: The Ethics of Documentation): "If you want excitement in your professional life, try documenting in an incompetent, disrespectful, dishonest, incomplete, or disorganized manner. Nothing says 'malpractice lawsuit' like a situation in which social workers provide direct evidence of substandard practice in their client records. Conversely, good old boring records are vital to risk management, reducing the risk of malpractice lawsuits, professional disciplinary hearings, and agency discipline." Presenter: Gary Bailey. 3 Ethics CEUs.

1:00PM -1:30PM PST Networking Break. - Take a few minutes to break away from the screen or join your colleagues in the virtual networking lounge. This time is yours.

1:30PM -3:30PM PST

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention for LGBTQIA2S+ Youth: One in three queer youth will attempt suicide in North Dakota. One affirming adult can reduce that number by 40%. This presentation aims to equip professionals with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to impact and reduce suicide in this population. Presenter: Faye Seidler. 2 Suicide Prevention CEUs.


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