2023 NASW Nevada Conference


2022 Social Work Virtual Mental Health Conference

Reconnecting Through Social Work 

Oct. 13th and 14th, 2022 

Feedback Received:

“This was a wonderfully organized event with powerful speakers and information, and beneficial to our work! Thank you all!” Caren W. 

“It is kinda cool though that we are all chomping at the bit to get in...” Jacque N. 

“Kristin and Kyle, thanks for all you do for executing this event. We needed Ethics and Suicide prevention for our licensing. Thanks again.” Yangcha C.

“Thank you for the conference sessions!” – Latoyia G. 

Highly enjoyed the session about gay men stories in supervision! Thank you!” Mylinda B. 

“Great presentation” Alice K. 

Yesterday all the speakers were excellent! It looks like today will also have expert presenters! Thanks for a thoughtful conference!” Barbara C.  

“I agree that the presentations I attended were excellent. I have gained some new perspectives and learned a lot. I am also more aware of how much we need to do to protect our profession and many of our clients.” Marynne A.  

 In-Person Networking Event, Reno: