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December 2022 members email

From the Pen of NASW-Nevada BSW Rep Christina Cerrone, UNLV


NASW: More Than Just a Membership

As an undergrad student in UNLV’s social work program, I’ve had a couple of years to reflect upon the various components of the social work profession and what they mean to me as a student. Embodied in the field of social work are the six core values that permeate into the change that we strive to achieve as students and social workers from the micro all the way to the macro levels. These values set by NASW – service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, integrity, competence, and the importance of human relationships – were largely influential in my decision to enter this program. As I moved further into my education, I wondered how I could increase my awareness, understanding, and passion for the profession, and being a member of the Nevada chapter’s Board for NASW has allowed me to do just that.


As students, it can often feel like we don’t yet have a voice within the social work profession. Yet, NASW has taught me that this couldn’t be further from the truth, as students are the future of the field, bringing a uniquely fresh perspective to the table. During my time as BSW Student Representative for the Nevada chapter, I have seen firsthand the work that NASW does to advocate for positive changes within the profession, taking all opinions into account – students and professionals alike. Not only has this helped me understand that I already have a voice in the social work community, but that all students have a voice and should take advantage of the opportunity to use it. Because of this, I’ve found myself becoming passionate about student engagement, exposing other students like myself to the benefits of being an NASW member. While there are several benefits to being a member, the main ones that stand out to me are the support received from other members, the extensive networking and professional resources offered, as well as the opportunity to be an advocate in a profession that we haven’t even fully entered as students.


Thanks to the dedicated efforts of fellow board member, Sandra Abdullah, LCSW, and her practicum student, Ayse Dulger, the Nevada chapter has effectively begun to spread the word about what it means to be a member of NASW and the sense of empowerment that accompanies that membership. In doing so, the board has begun to engage several more students in Nevada, displaying to them the important role that NASW plays in the social work profession. For the remainder of my time on the board as a student, I hope to increase the awareness surrounding NASW, helping social work students better understand their own influence on the profession and the unique position they can potentially hold as NASW members.


Expert Advice: How Can I Combat the Holiday Blues?


Have you ever experienced the “holiday blues”? The early winter months can often trigger feelings of loneliness, sadness, or loss and it’s not just because of the lack of sunlight. Family stress, high expectations, or memories of happier seasons may also contribute to the depression or anxiety many people encounter this time of year.


To help, here are some simple and expert-approved tips to soothe your spirit and savor the holiday joy.


Remember it’s okay to be sad.

“The season bombards us with what we ‘should’ be, but accepting that it’s okay to feel blue helps you let go of guilt and treat yourself kindly.”


Question your thoughts.

If you think, Everyone is going to hate my homemade gifts, is that really true? Of course not!” Questioning your inner critic lets you develop more accurate, self-compassionate thinking.


Tap realistic optimism.

Rather than try to live up to an impossibly idealized version of the season, just picture one small thing you can do to make it “good enough.


Let appreciation flow.

While making a gratitude list can sometimes feel like just another to-do, appreciation is more spontaneous,” she explains. “Little things, like my husband offering to drive, fill me with appreciation.” In other words, if gratitude feels like too much work, take comfort in simpler — but just as powerful — moments of connection.


Cue whole-body calm.

The holiday blues don’t just attack the mind and spirit, they take a physical toll. The best mood-boosting antidote? Moderate exercise, confirms Dr. Amen. “A 30-minute walk can do wonders for your mind and body.


Give yourself time.

“The holidays bring up joy and sadness, grief and appreciation. Let these emotions move through you in their own time, and you will feel everything you need in order to heal.”


Read more here:

Committee/Task Forces 2022-2023


The NASW-Nevada Chapter seeks volunteers in every part of the state to volunteer on chapter committees or task forces to support events and chapter priorities.

NASW is your association. Why not take advantage of all the opportunities it has to offer? Within each of our regions are ongoing leadership opportunities, CEU workshops, and networking events organized just for you. NASW-Nevada is your networking link to what’s going on in your community and the social work profession at large. This is your professional organization—make the most of your membership, and get involved!

Consider joining one of the many committees and task forces within the NASW-Nevada Chapter.


For 2022-2023 they include:

  • Social Work Networking North Committee - help plan and organize networking events for the northern region with the Northern District Chair. In formation*


  • Social Work Networking South Committee - help plan and organize networking events for the southern region with the Southern District Chair. In formation*


  • Conference Committee - assists in education review, promotes the event, and solicit sponsor/exhibitors. In formation*


  • Rural/Frontier Committee - standing committee tasked with looking for ways to better integrate rural social workers into the association. Currently Active.


  • Legislative Session Review Committee - reviews upcoming legislative issues and session legislation for discussion and possible chapter involvement and/or action. In formation*


  • Racial Equity Committee - standing committee tasked with reviewing current issues around racial equity. Currently Active.


  • Membership and Community Outreach Committee - standing committee to work with community partners to further recruit members and inform the social work profession on NASW activities. Currently Active.


  • ASWB Testing Task Force - time-limited task force charged with reviewing the ASWB testing results report and recommending to the board possible chapter action. In formation*


*Committees that are designated as "in formation" are committees that are currently not meeting but in which the association will be launching when needed or the applicable time period arrives. Committees marked "currently active", are currently meeting and have a formal charge.


Additional opportunities and task forces may be added throughout the year as needed by the Board of Directors. Updated opportunities will be reflected on the NASW-NV website and via the email news blasts.


If you're interested in serving on one of these advisory groups, please complete an NASW-Nevada Committee Volunteer interest form.


Upcoming Committee Meetings!


  • Rural/Frontier Social Work Committee - Second Tuesday of every month, 5:00 PM
  • Racial Equity Committee - Second Monday every month, 6:00 PM


Committee Updates:

Rural/Frontier Social Work Committee:

NASW Nv. Rural Task Force is actively seeking additional members! The task force was formed in early 2020 with a mission to engage social work professionals that are living or working in the rural areas of the state in order to identify their unique needs, increase chapter support, make recommendations to the NASW Nevada Board, and facilitate communication with colleagues that are in the urban areas as well as our community partners. The Rural Task Force resumed meeting in October after a summer hiatus. A new meeting day was approved and future meetings will be held via a Zoom link on the second Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m.

The task force is currently working on several projects; first, we are in the midst of a Community Assessment Project, with a long-term goal of building a coalition among our rural and frontier communities to address common concerns. We are also reaching out to our colleges and universities to explore how the Nevada Chapter of NASW can help support students in their pursuit of careers serving rural populations. Finally, the task force is tracking the progress of the federal infrastructure bill in order to be prepared to advocate for Nevada’s needs as funds become available.


If you are interested in social work in Nevada's rural and frontier regions, please join us! You can email Tom Durante for further details at and attend a meeting as either a guest or a task force member! 

Membership and Community Outreach Committee:

After the NASW-NV Chapter Community Outreach Volunteer Project (COVP)’s flyer was shared with students, we had several volunteers. In November, I communicated with the agencies to learn more about the following steps and contacted the volunteers to navigate them. Also, I made site visits with Las Vegas Rescue Mission and Hope Link.

The COVP is an essential project to give back to our community as social workers. Non-profit organizations play a huge part in our society by serving services to people who are in need. And volunteers are the backbone of non-profit organizations. Therefore, we are aiming to make COVP sustainable for years. In light of this goal, In order to determine the feasibility of continuing the COVP, the NASW-NV Chapter Agency Field Instructor Sandra Abdullah and I created two surveys, one for volunteers and one for the agencies, and eblast them.

Additionally, I participated in one of Sandra Abdullah’s presentations she gave to BSW students at UNLV. I saw that BSW students did not know anything about the NASW. However, during the presentation, they became interested in learning more about the NASW. Also, I provided information about COVP to them. Most of them showed interest in volunteering in the COVP.


Lastly, I attended the NASW-NV Chapter Racial Equity and Membership and Community Outreach Committee's meeting as an observer. I saw how excellent and passionate women are productive and have inspiring ideas about creating projects. We talked about how we could make a place for the BIPOC students to speak and share their problems, feelings, and experiences. We discussed things that we could do for the BIPOC community.

Click on the flyer below to sign up for this great volunteer opportunity!

It’s Time for Medicare Annual Enrollment: Help Your Clients Get Ready for 2023

NASW Practice Alert | November 2022

Download as a PDF

The Medicare annual election period, also known as the open enrollment period (OEP), opened on October 15 and ends on December 7. People already enrolled in Medicare can review, compare, and change their coverage options during this time. Changes made during the 2022 OEP affect coverage between January 1 and December 31, 2023.


The Medicare OEP differs from the initial enrollment period for people newly eligible for Medicare. It is also distinct from Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment, which occurs from November 1 through December 15. (Learn about the relationship between the marketplace and Medicare.)

This Practice Alert addresses the following topics:

  • profile of Medicare beneficiaries and the significance of annual enrollment
  • overview of Medicare coverage options
  • allowable changes during the Medicare OEP
  • ways in which social workers can help clients during the Medicare OEP
  • beneficiary out-of-pocket (OOP) costs associated with various types of Medicare coverage
  • reduced-cost insulin and free vaccines as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (Pub. L. 117-169)
  • Medicare OEP tools and resources, including detailed information about navigating Medicare Plan Finder
  • financial assistance for Medicare beneficiaries
  • messaging regarding Medicare Advantage (MA) and Original Medicare


Read more here:

Job Listing:


Practice Opportunity - Las Vegas, Nevada

John Pacult, LCSW, Inc.

Practice Opportunity in Las Vegas, Nevada!


I am looking for an experienced evaluator who has at least 5 years of direct clinical work in assessing/treating adults accused or convicted of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and adults accused or convicted of various types of sexual abuse crimes. You need to be trained in common assessment tools and best practices (i.e.Static99-R.).



• Required - Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) or Psychology from an accredited university or institution.


Work Experience

• Required -5 years clinical experience in either inpatient, outpatient, or correctional setting assessing or treating sex offenders.

• Required -Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Clinical Psychologist in the state of Nevada and able to engage in independent practice. Other levels of licensure will be considered.

• Effective verbal and written communication skills and the ability to present information clearly and professionally to varying levels of individuals throughout the client care/legal process.

• Excellent psychotherapeutic skills.

• Superior interpersonal skills necessary to deal effectively and courteously with clients, families, team members, and community agency personnel.



The position would begin as a 1099 with a percentage of each evaluation or therapy session conducted. My office has contracts with the Department of Public Safety and Juvenile Justice Services, along with conducting various types of evaluations for defense and prosecution, along with expert witness testimony.

An option to buy into a percentage of ownership in my corporation will be an opportunity after an agreed-upon trial period.


Please upload your resume and brief cover letter on our website:


This employer is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Priority consideration will be given to candidates who have experience and a deep understanding of sex offender assessment, treatment, and victim dynamics.

Your Nevada Chapter Presents:

Can an apple a day keep Alzheimer’s away?

The virtues of eating an apple will be applied toward knowing the 10 causes of Alzheimer's and the 7 elements of longevity.


  • Date: December 9th at 9 AM - 10:30 
  • Venue: Virtual Zoom meeting
  • Presenter: Steven Rubin MD is a Nevada medical licensed physician and board-certified adult psychiatrist, specializing in clinical, forensic, and educational aspects of elder care.
  • Cost: 2 CEUs / $25 Nonmember / $15 NASW Member/ Free for students (No CEUs)


Register now:

MyNASW is a virtual community where you can learn from peers, share your knowledge and grow your connections. Post questions and participate in discussions. Find colleagues using the member directory. Browse resources shared by NASW staff and other members.


Why should I use the MYNASW community?


Here is one of your colleagues looking for support from our fantastic community!


Hello Everyone,
My name is Arianna and I am a Clinical Social Work Intern interning at a therapy practice in Nevada. I have been tasked with creating a consent form that can be utilized so clients may receive case management services but in terms of forensic social work. Some of the tasks that I may perform include, referrals, resource identification, needs assessments, action planning, sustainability planning, psychoeducation, and advocacy. I was wondering if there was anyone who has worked in a similar field and has created a consent form they felt was effective and would be willing to share or offer any sort of guidance as I create mine for my agency.
Thank you!
Arianna, MSW, CSW-I


To participate in MyNASW


To answer her post:


News to highlight!


Grand Challenges for Social Work: Eliminating Racism Becomes 13th Challenge as Initiative Evolves: When the Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative was launched in 2016, there were 12 challenges addressing critical social issues in society. At that time, it was thought that eliminating racism was a part of all 12 challenges, so that issue did not have its own challenge. All that changed in 2020, when the initiative’s leadership added a 13th challenge: The Grand Challenge to Eliminate Racism. Full article:


Black patients face barriers to palliative care

Karen Bullock, a professor and licensed clinical social worker, wants care for Black people who are seriously ill to be more equitable, as they are less likely to receive palliative care than white people. A lack of culturally competent care and trust in the health care system are two barriers to palliative care that Bullock has identified. Full Story:



Inflation and Social Work: Advocacy, Empowerment, Resources Can Help Struggling Clients

Gwen Bouie-Haynes, Ph.D., LMSW, executive director of NASW’s Mississippi Chapter, said her staff has been working with community organizations and in underserved areas to address the rental assistance needs of tenants because of the COVID-19 pandemic, evictions, and the increased cost of living.

“It has empowered people to really advocate for their communities, to really advocate for themselves, to know what the resources are,” she said.

“This is an opportunity for social workers to seize the moment, if you will, to impact change,” said Bouie-Haynes. “As a social work profession, we need to be louder now more than ever.” Full Article:



2022 EPAS and Licensing Exam Pass Rates

CSWE’s Commission on Accreditation has made the decision to remove licensing exam pass rates from the 2022 EPAS accreditation standards. This change reinforces the 2022 EPAS’ emphasis on anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, which supports social work education programs in developing a workforce of social workers who are knowledgeable about the ways positionality, power, privilege, and difference affect all levels of practice. Full Article:

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Discounts on Professional Services for Members:


Liability Protection with NASW Assurance Services

As social workers and other behavioral health professionals become increasingly subject to malpractice lawsuits, defense against such claims, even when they are groundless or fraudulent, can be extremely expensive. Consequently, liability insurance is no longer simply an option; it’s a necessity.

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NASW Visa® Rewards Credit Card

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Track patient appointments, notes, billing, and claims with TherapyNotes, an online practice management and scheduling system for mental health professionals. TherapyNotes facilitates the workflow through robust, secure, and streamlined software, accessible wherever and whenever you need it. With fully integrated scheduling, notes, billing, electronic claims, and more, you'll have more time for what matters most: your patients.

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The chapter recently replaced its previous phone system with one that is more reliable and provides the organization with a more responsive tool so we can respond to member inquiries quicker.


The NEW Chapter telephone/fax number is: (725) 715-9596


You can also reach us by emailing:


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Pain Management: Differentiation Between Physiological Dependency and Substance Use Disorder. Prevention and Intervention



Social Work Ethics & Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision

  • Credit(s):2 Ethics
  • Course Number: NJ20220727 
  • Duration:1 hour 47 minutes
  • Access: On Demand: Available for 3 months after purchase


Addressing Suicide From the Person-in-Environment and Social Justice Perspectives

Suicide may be one of the most challenging issues that social workers address in our professional careers.

  • Credit(s):1.5 Suicide Prevention
  • Presenter: David Derezotes LCSW, Ph.D.
  • Course Number: UT20220322-7
  • Duration:1 hour 24 minutes
  • Access: On Demand: Available for 5 months after purchase




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