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Are you looking for a social worker or a social service? 

NASW-Nevada is a members' association supporting the social work profession. We do not offer referrals for services. We encourage you to visit or reach out to your local social service agency.

Are you looking to file a complaint against a social worker?

NASW-Nevada is a members' association supporting the social work profession we do not do disciplinary action. You would need to contact the Nevada Social Work Board of Examiners and file a complaint there.

Are you looking for information on Continuing Education?

NASW-Nevada is an authorized provider of CEUs in Nevada. We are constantly adding new and exciting opportunities for social workers to continue their education and acquire the necessary CEUs for licensure renewal. Learn about requirements and upcoming continuing education opportunities

Are you looking for information on the NASW-Nevada Conference?

Learn about the conference 

Have a question about licensing in Nevada?

Visit our Licensing page for information.

If you have further questions on licensing, please contact the Nevada Social Work Board of Examiners

Services for NASW-NV Members

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of NASW is access to staff members at the NASW-Nevada Chapter office who are knowledgeable about common licensing questions. 

Due to the large number of queries we receive regarding licensure, the NASW-Nevada Chapter is focused on aiding its members with regard to licensure questions. We are unable to address non-member inqueries unless they are regarding advertising, CEU courses, review courses and membership.

Consider becoming a member today to support this vital service to our membership!

Among the many tangible benefits of becoming a member (including discounted liability insurance and free/affordable CEUs), the NASW also works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies. We are the largest professional association of social workers in the world, come join us.

Learn about the benefits of becoming an NASW member.

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