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Chapter Meetings & Events:

Rural Member Committee - First Tuesday of every month, 5:00 pm

Racial Equity Committee - Second Monday of every month, 6:00 pm

Licensure Committee: Forming now!

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NASW-Nevada CEUs is accepted by the following boards and organizations:

Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers

Nevada State Board of Psychological Examiners

State of Nevada | Department of Education

State of Nevada board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapists & Clinical Professional Counselors 

Your Nevada Chapter Presents:

The Ethics of Working with Difficult Clients

Date: Tuesday, December 5th at 10 am 

Location: Zoom 

Description: Most of us think of 'ethics' as simply doing the right thing, but with new discoveries in behavioral science, the end of the pandemic, and a digital takeover, --the ethics of a humanizing therapeutic relationship with each client might be planned and practiced to mirror, join, and support a struggling client's effort towards better mental and emotional health--perhaps this requires new levels of truth. it's genuine to not know the answer, to admit a mistake, or to remain kind and present with a difficult client. Professional and well-boundaries first, you embody the ethic of social work, then you practice with a renewed and genuine care for the human being; we all are becoming.

Presenter: Marilyn Hengst received the best actress award upon graduating BA in drama from principia college. She won the playwrighting award in graduate school at siu. Her professional acting work started in 1970 with the movie "bananas" she married jeff Hamln, and they had one child, and both their careers flourished, but she became more interested in studying modern psychoanalysis than acting. oops--it caused a divorce! Free to learn an MSW degree from yeshiva university, in 2000 a PhD, in 2008 an LCSW in NV.

Cost: 2 CEUs / $25 Non-Member / $15 NASW Member / Free for Students (no CEUs)

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Family Matters of the Adoption Triad and the Social Work Heroes Behind Them

Date: Monday, February, 12th at 10 am

Location: zoom

Description: the journey of adoption extends beyond the finalization court date, in fact, adoption is a journey that is present throughout the lives of everyone in the adoption triad (adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents). during my presentation, I aim to educate other social work professionals on who the members of the adoption triad are, what the challenges/experiences are for each party, why it matters and how other social work professionals can use their experience to provide needed resources for those in the triad.

Presenter: Alexandra hoops is a licensed social worker in Nevada who holds a master of social work as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With a career of nearly 10 years in the field, Alexandra serves as the director of adoption services for Loving Heart's Adoption Services. Alexandra is responsible for facilitating infant adoptions, developing educational programs, leading birth mother support groups and more.

Cost: 1 CEU / $15 Non-Member / $10 NASW Member / Free for Students (no CEUs)

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NASW-Nevada Advisory Board Application 2024-2026

The Chapter Committee for Nominations and Leadership Identification is currently looking for candidates interested in serving on the NASW Nevada Advisory Board. The Advisory Board of Directors is your voice for chapter priorities, policy, and educational direction. Positions that are up for election for July 1, 2024 start date are:

• President-Elect (three-year term)*

• Vice President (two-year term)*

• Member at Large (two-year term)

• South Region District Chair (two-year term)

• MSW Student Representative (one-year term)

• BSW Student Representative (one-year term)

*indicates Executive Committee Member

President-Elect will serve one year as President-Elect and then will assume the Presidency the following two years.

You must be an NASW member in good standing at the time of application and maintain throughout your term to serve on the Board. Student Representatives must be enrolled at an accredited social work program in Nevada for the 2022-2023 school year. Regional representatives must reside or work in the region that they represent.

Priority for slating will be given to applicants who have previously served on an NASW Chapter Board for all Executive Committee members. If no applicants apply with previous NASW Chapter Board experience, other candidates will be considered.

Priority for slating of the Member at Large will be given to member applicants who reside outside of the Reno or Las Vegas area. In the absence of candidates from outside the mentioned areas, other candidates will be considered from within those areas.

Please Note: There is NO monetary requirement you must raise to serve on the NASW-NV Board of Directors. However, there is an expectation of volunteer time as described in the Roles and Responsibilities.

Applications must be submitted by April 3rd, 2024. We encourage you to apply early so members of the committee can reach out to you if there is anything they would need to follow up on.

Apply Here:

Do you want to be on the National Board? 

The NASW National Leadership positions listed below will be vacant as of June 30, 2024. 

NASW-National Board of Directors:

Vice President 2024-2027

Treasurer 2024-2027

MSW Student Member 2024-2026

Submit your application here:

If you have questions, contact us at

Job Listings:


Affect Therapeutics

Counselor Supervisor - LCSW - Las Vegas

Affect Therapeutics, a telehealth/digital recovery program for stimulant, alcohol, or cannabis use, combines mobile technology, behavioral support, and medical care to help our members in their recovery and sobriety journey.

Affect Therapeutics is seeking a Regional Counselor Supervisor who wants to change the way the world treats addiction. The Regional Clinical Supervisor will be responsible for achieving member support goals, will serve as an authority on counselor workflows and for helping to implement new clinical protocols and initiatives. The Supervisor will supervise a team of counselors and this role reports to the Chief Medical Officer.

This is a position based in Las Vegas, Nevada. While Affect does solely provide telehealth services in Nevada, this position does require working onsite in our Las Vegas office.


* At least 2 years of clinical experience as an independent clinician in an addiction and/or mental health field

* LCSW licensure with the ability to provide clinical supervision to non-independent social workers

* Relationship-building skills

* Know how to manage communication effectively across large, dispersed teams

To apply, go to:

Looking to advertise your job postings? NASW-NV has a cost-effective option to promote to our membership and through our distribution channels like our association website, newsletter, and social media pages. 

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News to highlight! 

NASW offers its support to those who lost loved ones in terrorist attacks in Israel

Oct 13, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) offers its condolences and support to people who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks in Israel and to those continuing to suffer the loss of family members, homes, and communities in Israel and in Gaza. Read the full statement here:

nasw member voices: supreme courts ends affirmative action. what are the implications?
by mel wilson, lcsw, mba

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on June 29 made a ruling on affirmative action that will have profound and long-term implications for the country. With a 6-3 majority decision, SCOTUS declared in Students for Fair Admission Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College that race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina violate the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection. more directly, the ruling forbids all colleges and universities in the United States from taking race into consideration when admitting students. Read the full statement here

Chatgpt and social work: be excited, curious, and skeptical

it’s free. it’s fast. it’s exciting. it’s also unsettling for most, and upsetting for more than a few, who worry it could take away their livelihood — or upend their lives.
haven’t tried chatgpt yet? when you do, you’ll be in the minority if you aren’t blown away. it exudes an uncanny if not eerie, human-like cadence. the tone is smooth, friendly, and reassuring. it all somehow feels familiar, like chatting with a trusted — and remarkably intelligent — old friend.
but it’s not your friend. it’s a computer algorithm. if that’s unclear, just ask chatgpt:
“can you explain what a computer algorithm is?”
“sure, i'd be happy to explain what a computer algorithm is. an algorithm is a set of instructions or a procedure used to solve a problem or perform a specific task. in computer science, an algorithm is typically a step-by-step procedure that is designed to be executed by a computer program.”
social work, welcome to — and get ready for — the new world with chatgpt. read the full article here!


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