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11.0 Live Virtual CEUs Available

Conference workshops will qualify as continuing education for the following professions:

  • In Nevada: Professionals licensed by Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers, Nevada State Board of Psychological Examiners, State of Nevada | Department of Education.


  • Thursday the 2nd | 9:00 am–2:30 pm
  • Friday the 3rd | 9:00 am–2:30 pm

Schedule and Classes:

CEUs: Up to 11.0 CEUs available including CEUs fulfilling requirements for ethics, cultural competency, and suicide prevention!

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Racial Equity Committee - Second Monday every month, 6:00 PM

Licensure Committee: 

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Beyond Self-Care: Tending to the Wounded Healer

Date: Friday, September 15th, at 10 am PT

Venue: Zoom

Description: In this field, we are encouraged to practice self-care, but not often encouraged to take a deeper look at what comprises “wellness” and what gets in the way. Professionals are expected to know the latest evidenced-based tools to support clients, but are we practicing what we preach? This is not a fluffy self-care seminar, but rather a call to action designed to challenge participants to step into their own healing with courage. This seminar will invite participants to reflect on their own self-care, their relationship to the larger socio-political landscape, and how each of these areas impacts client outcomes.

Presenter: Sarah Buino is a speaker, teacher, therapist, and the founder of the group therapy practice Head/Heart Therapy and consulting organization Head/Heart Business Therapy. She is a member of the adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago.

Sarah hosts the podcast Conversations With a Wounded Healer which examines the role of one’s own healing while being a care-giving professional.

Cost: 1 CEU / $15 Nonmember / $10 NASW Member / Free for students (no CEUs)

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Date: Thursday, October 19th at 5 pm 

Location: Zoom

Description: Come laugh along with Julie Devin, LCSW as she helps you cope with stress and burnout! Learn to lighten up and embrace gratitude and the art of not taking oneself so seriously! Don't suppress laughter or it could spread to other parts of your body! Re-discover the 'elf' in yourself and find joy in little life adventures!

Presenter: Julie Devin, LCSW-MRAS has been a humor-related speaker for 30+ years stateside and around the world. She proudly has worked at Sierra Tucson The Betty Ford Center, The Willough and most recently for the U.S. Army in Germany and S. Korea and currently for the U.S. Air Force at Nellis AFB. She embraces gratitude change and loves new adventures. While she takes her work very seriously, she is able to laugh at herself and life's unpredictability She is a world traveler and cat lover. Wheeee! 

Cost: 1 CEU / $15 Nonmember / $10 NASW Member / Free for students (no CEUs)

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The Ethics of Working with Difficult Clients

Date: Monday, December 5th at 10 am 

Location: Zoom

Description: Most of us think of 'ethics' as simply doing the right thing, but with new discoveries in behavioral science, the end of the pandemic, followed by a digital takeover, --the ethics of a humanizing therapeutic relationship with each client might be planned and practiced To mirror, join, and support a struggling client's effort towards better mental and emotional health--perhaps this requires new levels of truth. It's genuine to not know the answer, to admit a mistake, or to remain Kind and present with a difficult client. Professional and well-boundaried first, you embody the ethic of social work, then you practice with a renewed and genuine care for the human being; we all are becoming.

Presenter: Marilyn Hengst received Best Actress Award upon graduating BA in Drama from Principia College. She won the Playwrighting Award in graduate school at SIU. Her professional acting work started in 1970 with the movie "Bananas".She married Jeff Hamln, they had one child, both their careers flourished, but she became more interested in studying Modern Psychoanalysis than Acting. Opps--it caused a divorce! Free to Learn:1996 an MSW Degree from Yeshiva University, in 2000 a PhD, in 2008 an LCSW in NV.

Cost: 2 CEU / $25 Nonmember / $15 NASW Member / Free for students (no CEUs)

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Family Matters of The Adoption Triad and the Social Work Heroes Behind Them

Date: Monday, February, 12th at 10 am 

Location: Zoom

Description: The journey of adoption extends beyond the finalization court date, in fact, adoption is a journey that is present throughout the lives of everyone in the adoption triad (adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents). During my presentation, I aim to educate other social work professionals on who the members of the adoption triad are, what the challenges/experiences are for each party, why it matters and how other social work professionals can use their experience to provide needed resources for those in the triad.

Presenter: Alexandra Hoops is a licensed social worker in Nevada who holds a Master of Social Work as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

With a career of nearly 10 years in the field, Alexandra serves as the Director of Adoption Services for Loving Hearts Adoption Services. In her role, Alexandra is responsible for facilitating infant adoptions, developing educational programs, leading birth mother support groups and more.

Cost: 1 CEU / $15 Nonmember / $10 NASW Member / Free for students (no CEUs)

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Job Listings:

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Director Of Human Services- Washoe County

Annual Salary: $184,683.20 - $258,564.80

Application deadline: 9/19/2023

About the Position:

The Director of Human Services administers the Washoe County Human Services Agency including the development and administration of social services programs; represents the department on a variety of matters at the state and County level; and performs related work as required.

This mission-critical position ensures quality service to the County’s most vulnerable populations; long-term visioning, effective leadership, team building, leading large-scale systems change, and role-modeling the County’s values (Integrity, Communication and Quality Public Service) are foundational. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience leading teams and projects related to human and social services in addition to a proven track record of successful collaboration with appointed and elected officials at all levels of an organization. She/he is approachable, engaging, and dedicated to a team-oriented environment where sharing information, ideas, and feedback is modeled by leadership and supported. The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to the County’s established vision, mission, and organizational priorities and will collaborate with other department heads to strategize, prioritize, and execute programs and services. This individual will be a creative problem-solver with proven community relationships and will be motivated by meeting the needs of individual clients and the community as a whole.

The Mission

The Human Services Agency Director represents the County on a variety of human service-related matters and will possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to engender trust and establish highly effective working relationships with staff at all levels of the organization including employees, elected officials, peers, stakeholder organizations, and the public. The successful candidate will have demonstrated ability to make effective and high-profile presentations to a variety of audiences including state and local elected officials, non-profit and related stakeholder organizations, and the members of the community.

The mission of the Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) is to promote the health, safety and well-being of children, adults and seniors who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation. We provide an array of protective and supportive services to families and individuals to enhance their quality of life by ensuring they are optimizing their self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as we strive to have a strengthened, safe, and thriving community.

For additional information and to apply please visit:

News to highlight! 

NASW Seeks Public Comment for Draft Clinical Social Work Standards

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Task Force for Clinical Social Work Practice Standards is pleased to announce the attached draft entitled, "NASW Standards for Clinical Social Workers in Social Work Practice," is now available for public comment. The draft offers guidance to clinical social workers in all clinical settings and serves as a benchmark for the services they provide.
The public comment period begins July 28 and ends September 15, 2023. The document is available for review at read clinical social work standards draft.

Read the Clinical Standards here

To Give Public Comments Click here

NASW Foundation to Mark 27th Anniversary with Social Work Pioneer Inductions in Washington D.C.

The National Association of Social Workers Foundation (NASWF) on Oct. 14 will commemorate the 27th anniversary of its NASW Social Work Pioneers® program with a celebration featuring some of the most influential social workers in the nation, including the posthumous induction of NAACP co-founder William Edward Burghardt “W.E.B.” DuBois (1868-1963). Read more here

NASW Member Voices: Supreme Courts Ends Affirmative Action. What are the Implications?
By Mel Wilson, LCSW, MBA

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on June 29 made a ruling on affirmative action that will have profound and long-term implications for the country.
With a 6-3 majority decision, SCOTUS declared in Students for Fair Admissions inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College that race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina violate the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection. More directly, the ruling forbids all colleges and universities in the United States from taking race into consideration when admitting students.Read the Full Statement Here

ChatGPT and Social Work: Be Excited, Curious, and Skeptical

It’s free. It’s fast. It’s exciting. It’s also unsettling for most, and upsetting for more than a few, who worry it could take away their livelihood — or upend their lives.
Haven’t tried ChatGPT yet? When you do, you’ll be in the minority if you aren’t blown away. It exudes an uncanny if not eerie, human-like cadence. The tone is smooth, friendly, and reassuring. It all somehow feels familiar, like chatting with a trusted — and remarkably intelligent — old friend.
But it’s not your friend. It’s a computer algorithm. If that’s unclear, just ask ChatGPT:
“Can you explain what a computer algorithm is?”
“Sure, I'd be happy to explain what a computer algorithm is. An algorithm is a set of instructions or a procedure used to solve a problem or perform a specific task. In computer science, an algorithm is typically a step-by-step procedure that is designed to be executed by a computer program.”
Social work, welcome to — and get ready for — the new world with ChatGPT. Read the Full Article Here!

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